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Provo River

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Provo River
Just went out the back yard and hit the Provo for a few minutes, man it's running pretty hard, it's thrown alot of the fish out of some of my better spots but I have a good place that usually holds several fish, had three browns in about five minutes and that counts for brining em in and letting them go. If you can find a good hole the action is pretty fast in the evenings. I'm using a small gold Rebel minnow crankbait, that seems to work pretty well.


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Re: [Apocalypse] Provo River In reply to
Thanks for the report. I almost drove up there last week. It has been too long since i fished it. I enjoy the middle section alot.Cool

LDS BFT at its finest!
What a joke!

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Re: [lunkerhunter2] Provo River In reply to
I haven't fished the mid Provo very much but I'm right on the lower river right now so I'm taking advantage of it and learning more about fishing this area, so far so good, now I just need to figure out the walleye down here and I'll be happy.