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I need some help with muzzle loader...

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I need some help with muzzle loader elk.
So, I've hunted archery all my life and taken a dozen+ cows and spikes, but I'm trying to take my first branch-antler ed bull before I get to old to pack it. So, I got a multi-season bull tag this year, but my family situation really limits my ability to scout.

We planned on hunting North Slope Uintas up between China Meadows and the Blacks Fork, where we see bulls during the archery and rifle sesons, but I'm afraid we are going to get snowed out of the high country. Our plan was for a long hike in with our game carts. It's all high pines and fir up there, and close to 10,000 feet.

Plan B was along the lines of trying the South Slope, east of Moon Lake, where there is a good chunk of public land north of the Reservations, more aspens and foothills with some oaks and junipers lower. Think of the foothills and low canyons below Dry Gulch drainage, or its neighbors.

I don't want your "spot", but I have never hunted anything but cow elk this late in the year. Help me out with elevation and what to look for, please? Is the high pines too high? Do I need to get way up canyons? How much snow is too much?

How much snow does it take to force them down on to the pinyon/juniper areas?

We don't mind hiking or packing. We have game carts and sleds. I packed two cows each 12 miles in shin deep snow once (4 miles up canyon, three trips each), but it''s no good if we can't even get in. Got a great tent and a packable wood stove., etc....

Anyone contributing intel that adds to our success, I'll make you a hard-shooting primitive bow (all wood) in a hunting weight, either a paleo-European or Eastern Native American design, or similar style.

Thanks so much, guys.
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Re: [Springbuck] I need some help with muzzle loader elk. In reply to
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