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DC Saturday

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DC Saturday
DC slowed down for us Saturday. My father and I landed 25 rainbows fishing from 7am to 12:30. -- only one of which was above planter status (about 18"). All came in on shallow trolled shiny spinners (jakes and needlefish) or flies.

I took some video of us landing fish. I'll post it up and add links later.

I wanted to spend some time tossing senkos for bass but forgot to throw that tackle box in with my stuff. Next week...

Give a man a fish and he's fed for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll spend his life squinting at invisible thread.
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Re: [MasterDaad] DC Saturday In reply to
Thanks for the report! We fished for bass on Friday and only got one bite, so we switched over to trout fishin'. We did catch a nice brown right after we switched over. For the bass, we fished several locations and different depths, but they were not biting. I think we're still several weeks away from when they'll start biting.

Fishing is a... discipline in the equality of men - for all men are equal before fish. ~Herbert Hoover

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