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DC from the shore, orange fins rainbow?

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DC from the shore, orange fins rainbow?
Caught 1 rainbow fishing for a couple hours from the shore today, using chartreuse powerbait on a slip sinker rig. This is the third fish I have seen this year out of DC with both pectoral fins intact and all lower fins orange. Sure, they're probably cutbows...but they're in DC and they stand out because they're tough as nails. We had two of them in a livewell with some walleye and when we pulled them out the finless freddie was long dead and going white while the orange finned fish was going strong and had to be brained. The one today had its guts ripped halfway up through the throat and then stuck in my weighted down net in the edge of the lake. An hour later I take it out and it's gone mostly stiff but is still struggling. Never seen a trout power on like these, it's like they're as tough as perch or bass. Anyone know if the hybrids are supposed to be tanks?
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Re: [Jedidiah] DC from the shore, orange fins rainbow? In reply to
A picture of the fish would help.

Yes, hybrids can be stronger, so can naturalized spawners.
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