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Deer Creek fishing report 8/5/17

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Deer Creek fishing report 8/5/17
Got on the lake at 9:00AM. We trolled the North shoreline all the way up to Midway. We didn't have a single bite the entire way. We switched from fishing 15 to 20 to 35 and back again but nothing worked.

We then packed up and headed for the dam area. We trolled this area at 15, 20. 25, 35, 40 feet but again we got nothing but a super tangled line.

We then trolled the South shore, past the buoys by the docks and towards the mouth of Wallsburg Bay. Again we fished from anywhere from 10-40 feet and not a single bite.

After 6 hours we gave up and headed for home. Maybe next time.
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Re: [littleham491] Deer Creek fishing report 8/5/17 In reply to
Probably the first thing to change to help your success would be to have your lines in the water before day break. The catching usually slows to a stop by 9-10. The s second benefit to being there at day break is I've seen some awesome sun rises. Absolutely beautiful. Also you get to have some calm water before the recreational boats get there and turn D.C. into a blender. I hate getting up that early but it's well worth it.

I start off on the east side by the cliffs. If I'm not seeing fish I move over to the west side on the north end. 30-35 feet would be a good depth to start.

Watch for some idiot swimming across DC in the early dawn. I came across one last year in the middle of D.C. with no escort boat or a warning device to alert you he/she is in the water. The park ranger said there are no rules to keep them from being stupid. If it's predictable, its preventable. Its only a matter of time before a swimmer is hit. But remember you aren't allowed to have your poodle in the boat.
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Re: [littleham491] Deer Creek fishing report 8/5/17 In reply to
What were you fishing for , and how were you fishing.

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