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Fish Lake Camping

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Fish Lake Camping
I'm planning a trip to Fish Lake with a 27 foot trailer.

Is there any free camping near the lake?

I've not been there before. Any advice from the great fishermen here would be appreciated.

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Re: [steelhawk] Fish Lake Camping In reply to
none at all ya have to pay to camp there..


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Re: [steelhawk] Fish Lake Camping In reply to
I don't know of any free camping but the campgrounds at Fish Lake are absolutely perfect. Worth every bit of what they charge. You might find some areas on the north end where there is no trees to camp for free but I'm not sure. If you can get PBH to chime in he might know of something.
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Re: [steelhawk] Fish Lake Camping In reply to
We used to camp at Johnson Reservoir just up the road, and it was great, lots of room and lots of trees, and certainly no fee, but that was in the 80's, don't know what it's like now. Primitive camping, no services.

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Re: [steelhawk] Fish Lake Camping In reply to
If you are wanting free camping adjacent to the lake, I believe you are out of luck. There is some wilderness camping south of the lake in the aspens. The road into this area was a little western years ago, I don't know if I would take a big trailer in there? In addition, there is plenty of wilderness camping off of the road from Fish Lake to I-70. You may have a 15 to 20 minute (plus) drive to get to the lake depending on where you end up. However, there are some nice areas in the pines & aspens along this roadway.

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Re: [OCF] Fish Lake Camping In reply to
The last time I checked, free camping adjacent the lake was available but only in one spot--in the very southeast corner of the lake. To access this portion of the lake you would have to drive down a rough dirt road just south of the lake that winds around the south east corner. The road is about 2 miles long and probably not something you would want to try and pull a 27-foot camp trailer to. With that being said, I have seen people with camp trailers back there.

Other than this option, free camping exists before you enter the fish lake basin and after you exit it. But, like others have mentioned, you may be looking at a 10-20 minute drive to the lake depending on where you camp.
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Re: [steelhawk] Fish Lake Camping In reply to
wormandbobber covered it.

It might help to understand why you want free camping? Is it price, or is it seclusion?

The campgrounds at Fish Lake are very good. But they can get very busy. If you want a less busy campground, look at Frying Pan (between Fish Lake and Johnson). It is a very nice campground, with far fewer spots, and much less traffic. It is shaded and pretty.

You could also look at the campground right at Johnson Res. Not as many trees and shade, but again, much less traffic.

Otherwise, look at 7 Mile, UM Creek, or Mytoge Mountain road for primitive camping areas on FS land.

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