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Raft River Mountains

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Raft River Mountains
Planning to travel soon to complete my Utah Cutthroat Slam. Just need the Yellowstone. Based on previous posts here, I have a pretty good idea of where to go (thanks utroyalwulff), my question is how are the roads in that region? I have 4 wheel drive, but trying to decide if it is worth hauling the ATV from Utah county.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: [JethroB] Raft River Mountains In reply to
Roads are all dirt but can be driven with a four door sedan. I was up there a few years ago with an Astro van. Great area to
Get away from it all, have fun.

Fishing and trains...what else is there? BASEBALL.......
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Re: [JethroB] Raft River Mountains In reply to
You will have no problem getting to any of the spots that have them in a 4x4, no need to take your ATV. It's possible to make it in a car, if you go slow.

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