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Starvation - The ice is gone

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Starvation - The ice is gone
After getting intel from fellow BFTer's I decided to drive over and fish Starvation today from my tube. I couldn't see any ice either way from the bridge and there wasn't any in Rabbit Gulch where I fished. I fished from 8:30 until 3:00 when I got tired of the wind. It was nice and calm until about 1:00 and then the wind started to kick up.

I used a slow sinking (#2) line in the morning and fished in 8' - 12' FOW using a size 8 bead head soft hackle fly. Afternoon I fished in 20' - 30' FOW and used a fast Sink (#8) using one of TubeDudes patterns, the Green Meanie. I managed to pick up a couple of browns, one 14" and one 19" and skinny. The balance of the fish were rainbows from 15" to 20". The water temperature was 39-42 degrees and the visibility in the water was about 5' - 6'. The reservoir level is 72% and dropping. It's as low as I have seen it this time of year but the upside is the fish are concentrated.Wink

There were a few boats out and a handful of shore anglers and everyone seemed to be catching at least some fish.

It's always fun to fish Starvation, your never quite sure what you're going to catch.Smile
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Re: [gofish435] Starvation - The ice is gone In reply to
The Nice 'bows! Weird about those brownies, all the ones I catch in there can't eat right either.
Just one more brookie........

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