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Tiger Muskie Tagging Age/Growth Study

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Tiger Muskie Tagging Age/Growth Study
For BFT information as of today DNR trained Muskies, Inc. Chapter 65 Mountain West Muskie members have tagged and clipped the pelvic fin ray of 109 Tiger Muskies from Pineview Reservoir for DNR analysis.

Chapter members have also clipped the pelvic fin ray of fish they have found on Pineview deceased with largest fish hitting 50".

The average length of these fish (not including deceased) is 33 inches with the largest fish being tagged at 47 inches and the smallest being 16 inches. Of these 109 fish 16 have been reported as recaptures.

In the fall chapter members will assist the DNR helping with analysis to get a good age determination from the 2017 fin ray clippings. This is an ongoing 3 year study with grant funds from Muskies, Inc.

Age is determined similar to rings on a tree number of rings indicate approximate age of fish. These ages can then be correlated to the past stocking efforts.

Will be a very interesting analysis for chapter 65 and the state to determine the age of these fish based on the pelvic fin ray clippings. The chapter will update this year’s final analysis and I'll post info when complete for 2017.

If one fishes PV and catches a Muskie please if it has a tag number note the tag number and please call in. Photo attached shows 300 that is the tag number. One side will have a phone number to call and the other side has the tag number.

Phone number isn't monitored on a regular basis so please listen to the instructions on providing your info and speak clearly.

Yes C&R even on large tiger muskies is effective for the species. Plus per DNR briefings Tiger Muskies are helping in waters where there is a HUGE chub issue.

Tiger Muskies can grow up to 12" in one year and can be very effective at helping reducing an issue fish if given time. Just so some know.

I'll keep folks informed on the study and what I'm learning listening and respecting the DNR biologists and what they're doing to help Utah on rough fish.

If anyone wants further info on Chapter 65 and its involvement send me a PM.

Location: Lake Katchabigun

Once you know everything about anything its what you learn afterwards that counts.

Skunked, we never get skunked its the fish getting skunked as they just kept missing our lures.
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