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Willard bay today

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Willard bay today
Hit Willard bay today water temp ranged from 78 to 82 + was trolling alone so I just put a pole out each side, and no planers, went to freeway bay first , marked a few fish, and lots of bait balls, didn't see any boils going on and not many birds around, did pick up one average size walleye on a jointed shad rapala, went over to the west dike north of the light pole took awhile but I finally had my second fish on! It was the biggest wiper I have caught I was alone so I only took a picture while it was in the net, and I didn't lay it on my measuring sticker, it was so hot from the sun I was afraid it would cook the fish:) two fish in 5+ hours, I'd say it was slow fishing. I saw a gentleman walking up the dike he had a fly rod and I saw him catch at least two fish in a short time, couldn't tell what they were, but it was very cool to watch, he definitely knew what he was doing. ... good luck to all.
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Re: [Tjet] Willard bay today In reply to
Was out yesterday (17th) for about 5 hours in the morning and only managed 1 small catfish which was released unharmed. I tried several types/colors of typical Willard lures and only had the one hit. I launched out of the South Marina and trolled between the Rock Piles, Island, light pole, and northwest dike. Very slow day.

Its amazing the amount of biomass I'm marking on the sonar this year. The shear number of bait balls is higher than I've ever seen on Willard. No wonder the wiper are hard to come by with all that natural food source available to them 24/7.

Bob Hicks, from Utah
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Re: [dubob] Willard bay today In reply to
I know what you mean about being slow, I tried almost everything in my tackle box, added sinkers and used an aft planer to stay near the surface, the only comment denominator Was both the lures that I got a hit on had a black dot on them,
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Re: [Tjet] Willard bay today In reply to
I had a pretty good morning today. Fished around the light pole area in my float tube from nine to one. 8 or 9 catfish, most on my flyrod, but a couple or three dragging a gulp minnow behind me. Four or five SMBs, all on my flyrod. Most were small, but one went 14 or 15 inches. Finished up with a small, really small bluegill. Good to see bluegills, even if they're small showing up around the rocks. I only saw a couple of fishing boats and best yet, only one skier who managed to maintain a safe distance.


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