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ice fishing etiquette

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Re: [kochanut] ice fishing etiquette In reply to
after watching tommy boy last night i have another idea. i see most of you guys weraring thicker, almost ski/snowboarding/rain gear jackets. well since these are thicker jackets, why dont you tape some road flares to your chest on the inside of your coats and an old POS gold watch with come wires hangiong out of your sleeves.... when someone gets to close, lose your jacket top for a second and start mumbling to yourself something about allah.......... there is a down side to this, and thats death, you might get shot.... i know i would at least laugh

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Re: [Red-head] ice fishing etiquette In reply to
This is not ice fishing related but it fits the topic so I thought I would share. I was fishing the green river above little hole for those of you that have fished this section before you know there is the river, a little walkway, then towering cliffs not much room to walk in some spots. A friend and I were working this larger pool of fish taking turns working the run and the pool. A group below us who were apparently dry fly fisherman were watching us put a hurting on the fish with our nymphs kept shaking their heads in disgust. It probably didn't help that my buddy was drunk and every time he caught a fish he held it up and yelled at it "you don't eat orange worms" then released the fish showing them the fish yelling "take that dry fly boy!". The were trying to wait us out and take the pool but we kept catching fish after fish and found no reason to move. The fish started rising at the head of our pool so I tied on a dry and started hooking up this way. I think that was the last straw because the finally decided to go upriver. I was polite and said hi as the walked by but the didn't respond. They did stop at the top of the pool I was casting to and pointed out the rising fish to his buddy. I thought no big deal some nice fish in there he will just move on. The look at them for a second then his buddy starts to dap his fly on the water. I was starting to get upset but thought I would let it slide and they would move on. Then he starts making 1/2 casts into my hole I am fishing. Remember they have been watching us for about 45 min in this hole. So I yelled up to him "hey buddy what is your name" acting all friendly. He replied back to me his name was Clark. I then said to him "hey Clark if you are going to fish in my hole would you prefer to just use my rod?" He about fell over called me an a*hole and mumbled up the trail how he was going to kick my arse... My buddy just died laughing..
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