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Utahs Backyard Fishing Holes in Weber...

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Utahs Backyard Fishing Holes in Weber County
Weber County - Pineview and Causey reservoirs have been called Weber County's "backyard fishing holes" because they're so easy to get to.

Just a 10-minute drive east of Ogden, Pineview Reservoir provides anglers with a variety of fish, including smallmouth bass, black bullheads, largemouth bass, bluegill, perch and lunker tiger muskies.

Just 15 minutes east of Pineview, off state Route 39, lies one of the prettiest waters in northern Utah - Causey Reservoir. The reservoir is a great place to paddle a canoe in search of trout and kokanee salmon.

But reservoirs aren't the only places to catch fish in Weber County. Two rivers in the county provide anglers - including those who are new to angling or have limited fishing experience - a good chance to catch fish.

"If the reservoirs in the eastern part of the county are the county's 'backyard fishing holes,'" says Phil Douglass, regional conservation outreach manager for the Division of Wildlife Resources, "then the rivers that run through the residential areas on its west side are its 'front porch.'"

Douglass says a paved pathway connects both the Ogden River and the Weber River. Pathways also run along each river. Coupled with bridges that cross over the rivers, the pathways provide anglers with excellent access.

Ogden River

Fishing the upper part of the Ogden River, high above Causey where its main headwater tributaries are, requires an adventurous spirit. Douglass says these small tributaries contain native cutthroat trout. The small streams are fishable - but just barely. "The country is steep and rocky," he says. "In some spots, cliffs over 100 feet high jut straight out of the creek. If you fish this area, be prepared to climb up and over numerous log jams."

Anglers frequently see and hear rattlesnakes in the area. "These small streams are definitely the 'obstacle course' of the back yard," Douglass says.

As the river continues west towards Pineview Reservoir, access improves greatly. For example, the South Fork of the Ogden River features numerous campgrounds and picnic sites close to the river. Cutthroat, brown and rainbow trout, along with some good-sized mountain whitefish, are the fish you can catch here.

The South Fork of the Ogden River empties into Pineview, but the river starts again at the reservoir's dam and flows through Ogden Canyon. A large population of brown trout is available to catch in this three-mile stretch.

Most of the property in the canyon is private, but a public access point is available about 100 yards upstream from the Alaskan Inn. You'll find the access point at 475 Canyon Road.

The easiest section of the river to fish is the portion that runs through the city of Ogden. A paved pathway runs along this section of the river, from the mouth of the canyon west through the city. "This section also has access platforms that extend out over the river," Douglass says. "The platforms are great places for any angler to fish, including anglers in wheelchairs."

The Ogden River also provides fly anglers with a unique chance to fish during the river's annual salmon fly hatch. The hatch happens from the South Fork of the river west through Ogden Canyon. Douglass says the hatch usually starts in late May or June. "This year," he says, "conditions on the river should be excellent for fishing during the hatch."

Weber River

The portion of the Weber River that runs through the communities of Uintah, South Weber, Riverdale and Ogden offers good fishing just minutes from residential areas. Access points acquired by the DWR and Trout Unlimited are available in Riverdale and South Weber. Weber Pathways has improved the access points and created a paved trail along the river that extends from Riverdale to the river's confluence with the Ogden River.

Douglass says the catch rate on this portion of the Weber isn't as fast as it is on other sections of the river. "But this section holds some large brown trout for anglers who are patient," he says.

Three community fishing ponds

Weber County also has three community fishing ponds - Glassman Pond and 21st Street Pond in Ogden and Meadow Creek Pond in Roy. "These community waters provide great fishing for all anglers," Douglass says, "including those who have challenges that limit their ability to access the water."

More information about the ponds is available in the DWR's free Community Fisheries booklet.

For more information about fishing in Weber County, call the DWR's Northern Region office at 801-476-2740.