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Full moon? Don't scare me none. And the weather forecast showed calm until about noon. Good 'nuff.

Hit Willard north marina and launched about 7ish. Air temp a cool 41. Water temps 57 inside and 58 outside. Doable. Also...flat calm...for a while. And as it got lighter you could see some purty colors on the mountains.

Powered out to my starting spot. Pitched out a fire tiger flig (floating jig) rig with a minnow on one rod. Tossed a parade of plastics on the other. Had one hit on plastics early. That was it. No walleyes, wipers or crappies were harmed in the making of this report.

First cookie cutter kitty slammed my flig rig within a few minutes of starting. Take that, Mr. Moon. No skunk today. Other cats volunteered one from their midst about every half hour...just to keep an old man interested and entertained.

Had five cats in my basket by about 9:30. Then the UNforecast southerly zephyr came blowing in from the south. Instant bumps on the water and the wind was strong enough I could not kick against it. So I brought in my rods, fired up the electric and started fighting my way back to the harbor...with the motor often cavitating as it lifted out of the water.

It took a while but I made it. Happy ending. But I had planned to fish inside the protection of the harbor and it was almost white-capping when I got there. Phooey. Loaded up and headed for the fish cleaning station.

Heard a familiar voice at the filletatorium. FatBiker had his black furry kid (dog) out for some exercise and stopped by to see if I was still there. He was even wearing a sling on his right arm after shoulder surgery...his excuse for not going fishing today. What a wimp.

His purty young shepherd offered to help me clean the fish. But I didn't want her to get smelling like fish so I declined. Appreciated the offer though.

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Re: [TubeDude] or not 10-6-17 In reply to
Odd. After days of howling canyon winds, it was calm as can be here in Ogden today. I saw no wind over 5 mph on my weather station.

Glad you got your strings stretched, TD.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult
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Re: [RockyRaab] or not 10-6-17 In reply to
I thought by not planning the trip until the day before, and not broadcasting it to the masses, that I might be able to sneak one by Mama Nature. But, nooooo. As soon as she saw me enjoying the flat calm morning she got all huffy about it.

As I mentioned, forecast winds were for no greater than 2-3 mph until noon. But those blasts from the south were easily 10-12...maybe more.

Are you going to chase Pineview crappies this year?

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Re: [TubeDude] or not 10-6-17 In reply to
Hey Pat even in a blow out you still find fish... Nice job... Sorry the Eye's missed out on your invitation to dinner... Was their loss I'm sure... I still haven't made it out this weekend... Hoped to chase the cats one more time, but doesn't look very good for that, got apples to pick, hay to bale and grain to plant.... So one last farming push before I put that bad habit to bed for the winter and get into fishing again.. Thanks for the report and keeping me going vicariously... Later J

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Re: [SkunkedAgain] or not 10-6-17 In reply to
Happy to contribute to your delinquency...even if only vicariously. The pleasure (and pain) were all mine.

BLK and I were hatching a plan to get in a last shot on Utah Lake next week but it looks like Mama Nature is gonna be off her meds most of the week. We shall see what we shall see.

Might put up a couple of copies of my new rewrite on FISHING UTAH LAKE for the dinner prizes.

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Re: [TubeDude] or not 10-6-17 In reply to
Thanks Pat that would be wonderful. Hope the weather will cooperate for you and me both. I need some fair warm days to help me get finished up. Good luck. And I'll keep in touch. Later J