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tips for fishing milfoil?

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tips for fishing milfoil?
I am going to my grandfathers lake house in VT this weekend and i go up there usually a few times a year. In the past five years the milfoil has gotten worse and worse. It is a fairly small lake about 70 acres i think.

The fishing has gotten worse every year with the milfoil. 7 years ago they had a company come in and remove the milfoil. It only lasted 2 years but the fishing was awsome. The water is very clear it is listed as the second clearist lake in VT. Usually the only thing we can catch anything on is some jitterbugs and torpedos and only at night. We do catch an occasional pike on swimbaits in the deep areas.

What can i use to help catch a few more pike and some bass? Is there anyhting that will catch a few large mouth instead of milfoil?
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Re: [nockin_em_dead] tips for fishing milfoil? In reply to
I found both below work great during the day time hours sunny and cloudy...

yes thre are weedless lures and weedless hooks, they have a spring steal wire that sends an ocational weed to the side but when the fish bites the wire colapses revealing the barb. With the weedless hooks use soft plastics, currly tails are the best for bass and pike, I dont know about your lake, but I find in clear water go to the brown, and in fuzzy water go to white or silver glitter....

now if you want a bass lure that you can find most every where you shop, I am going to refer you to mepps spinners and rooster tails. You dont need big ones, the small ones will catch big fish as well as the small ones. And the small ones will also help you tag a few perch if you want to add a cople of those to the platter.

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