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I went to a Pouring Party, to...

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I went to a Pouring Party, to reminisce with my old friends.
Had a great time today at the Bull Island Anglers Club lead pouring party at Craig's House here in Poquoson, Virginia. Had a good turnout with people coming and going through out the day. Everyone either brought scrap lead or molds. There was more than enough to go around, I arrived with about 30 lbs of big pieces of lead and left a good variety of inline, egg, and pyramid sinkers. A couple of guys made up a bunch of lead heads as well. We even had some excitment when someone accidenty threw some old lead in the pot that must of been damp and we had a nice lead explosion that covered half us. Luckily no one was hurt.
Of course most of the conversation was about fishing and we are all eagerly waiting for spring. When it does come we will all be ready with our fresh buckets of sinkers! Here are a couple of pictures from today.