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Tanwax Lake

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Tanwax Lake
Nice to visit Washington again!

I fished for about 3 or 4 hours at Tanwax Lake on Tuesday (we are on vacation). I caught a bunch of small perch, about 8 rainbows ( 11-14inches), one nice crappie about 10 inches long, and a baazzion 4 inchers. I don't have any pictures since I did take my camera, but I did not check to see that its battery was charged! The fish really liked a small green wooly bugger with a bit of sparkle to it. A bugger with a chartreuse marabou tail and a cherry chocolate chenille body (no hackle but some sparkle)seemed to temp them about equally well.

There was a nice bald eagle that also provided a good deal of entertainment.

It was great fun anyway, and even the weather refrained from soaking us for a couple of hours. Not many things better than visiting old friends and fishing together at old haunts!

I grew up in Western Washington and still miss its beautiful lakes and green hills.
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Re: [cpierce] Tanwax Lake In reply to
Thanks for the report. We've certainly had a wet enough spring this year!

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