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Washington Bronzebacks

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Washington Bronzebacks
Now that spring has sprung, it's bass time again!
Has anyone else been getting out?

I've been out a couple times on my favorite lake, and the fish did not disappoint!
The sucker spawn is always a favorite of mine. These underappreciated native fish put up a great fight and serve important roles in the ecosystem:

But I mostly go here for the smallies. Numbers of fish up to about 15 inches or so were easy to come by, but it took a bit of searching to find the bigguns. Here's a net-full:

and a lap-full:

And of course the proverbial "Bass Thumb", the very best kind of skin condition!

If anybody else is getting out, I'd love to hear about it!
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Re: [iliketofish] Washington Bronzebacks In reply to
Great report, thanks for posting it and the pics. That Sucker looks just like the June suckers we have here. Whenever I catch a sucker I save it for bait, bigger trout and catfish love them.
Those are some toad SM, I'm guessing they are at least 3 to 4 lbs but they look even bigger.Cool

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