State Records: Alaska


Here are all the know fishing records for the State of Alaska
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Species  Weight Location Angler Date
Arctic Grayling 4lbs 13oz Pacific Ocean -
Ugashik Narrows
Paul F. Kanitz 1981
Burbot 24lbs 12oz Louise Lake  George R. Howard 1976
Chinook (King) Salmon 97lbs 4oz Kenai River  Lester Anderson 1985
Chum Salmon 32lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean -
Caamano Point
Fredrick Thynes 1985
Coho Salmon 26lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean Andrew Robbins 1976
Cutthroat Trout 8lbs 6oz Wilson Lake  Robert Denison 1977
Dolly Varden Trout 27lbs 6oz Wulik River  Mike Curtiss 2002
Halibut 459lbs 0oz Pacific Ocean -
Unalaska Bay
Jack Tragis 1996
Lake Trout 47lbs 0oz Clarence Lake  Daniel Thorsness 1970
Lingcod 81lbs 6oz Pacific Ocean - Monty Island Charles Curny 2002
Northern Pike 38lbs 0oz Innoko River  Jack Wagner 1991
Pink (Humpback) Salmon 12lbs 9oz Moose River  Steven A. Lee 1974
Rockfish 38lbs 11oz Pacific Ocean -
Prince William Sound
Rosemary Roberts 2001
Sheefish 53lbs 0oz Pah River  Lawrence E. Hudnall 1986
Sockeye Salmon 16lbs 0oz Kenai River  Chuck Leach 1974
Steelhead Trout 42lbs 3oz Pacific Ocean -
Bell Island
David White 1970
Whitefish 9lbs 0oz Tozitna River  Al Mathews 1989