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Fun Fishing Gears Mobile Fish Finder & Precision Caster SR-1

Enjoy an unfair advantage over fish and other fishermen Helps you reach 500 feet from casting position even under windy conditions Fish the entire lake Built in fish finder attachment for fishfinder to help locate prime fishing spots Low cost replacement for a fishing boat Launches easily from shore without a boat ramp For boat owners, now you can use SR-1 to scan shallow spots without damaging your bottom

(Added: Tue Jun 08 2004)

Vexilar - Quality marine electronics for fresh water and ice fishing

Vexilar is a manufacturer of color flashers and LCD depth finders for walleye, bass and pan fish fishing.

(Added: Tue Oct 01 2002)


the Sub-Troll 900 gives you speed and Temp. at the lure, to depths of 200ft

(Added: Fri Sep 13 2002)

Hydro-Cam Underwater Video System

Subsea Imaging Systems,Inc.Makers of the Hydro-Cam Underwater Video System.The most advanced underwater video camera system on the market today!

(Added: Thu Sep 12 2002)

Under Water Viewing Systems

Ever wonder what's down there? Now you can see what's going on below the surface.

(Added: Thu Sep 12 2002)

Find and Catch Fish Fast with Manta Sonar.

(Added: Mon Sep 09 2002)

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