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Fishing log website that automatically logs catch data (like weather, tides, water temp) and forecasts where to fish based on past trips and fish patterns

(Added: Fri Feb 21 2014)


Free download barcode label maker software to create constant barcodes for your business without technical skills.

(Added: Tue Dec 07 2010)

barcode image creator

Barcode creator software produces labels, tags and stickers for different firms like manufacturing, shipping and warehousing.

(Added: Tue Apr 21 2009)

Digital map of Canada. GIS Technologies. Maps. GPS software.

SoftMap, map data visualization software, GPS & digital topographic maps of Canada via download or on CD-ROM. A complete set of tools for the visualization of maps, data, gps - from PC to network to WWW. New: TopoWeb, PathAway (PDA), SoftMap5

(Added: Tue Oct 31 2006)


Fishing Log Software to record all your fishing activities. Includes GPS waypoint management, Geographic mapping and automatic sun/moon and tide tables specific to your location.

(Added: Fri Apr 23 2004)

The Fish Tracking System - Fishing Log, Analysis & More

Tracks weather and water conditions along with catch results by date, location, sub location, angler, pattern, species of fish, and lure. All of which are user-definable. Performance analysis can generate reports, graphs and charts by these same categories. Database selection criteria, restricting the analysis to specific portions of your angling database, can include any or all elements in the database. This lets you do detailed research prior to your next day on the water.

(Added: Thu Oct 17 2002)

TournamentsPro - Tournament Management System

An invaluable software tool for the club and trail tournament directors. It scores individual and partner tournaments. Cumulative standings, by net weight or points, can be tallied for the season with just a few clicks of the mouse. TournamentsPro lets you customize and automate your point system by choosing from an extensive list of point assignment options.

(Added: Thu Oct 17 2002)

Sportsman's Logbook Software

Sportsman's Logbook is a fun, easy-to-use software program that captures the location, techniques, weather, equipment, results, and photos of your fishing, hunting, and target shooting outings. Sportsman's Logbook is packed with powerful reports, search engines, address books, and reference materials. It is the perfect gift for you, your family, friends, and business associates.

(Added: Wed Oct 02 2002)

Ultimate PrimeTimes CD-Rom for PCs

Select your coordinates, favorite specie, depth you're fishing, the weather, and you instantly know today's potential plus the 5 best periods to go (listed in order). Many more features.

(Added: Tue Sep 24 2002)

Bluewater Fishfinder

Bluewater Fishfinder software for Windows helps offshore anglers find prime fishing habitat before every fishing trip by creating sea surface water temperature maps from NOAA satellite data downloaded free daily! Bluewater Fishfinder helps you find temperature breaks and species specific temperature zones where the big fish live. Coverage for the entire continental US, Hawaii, Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. Temperature data updated daily and there is NO ANNUAL SUBCRIPTION REQUIRED!

(Added: Fri Sep 13 2002)

Keyworks Ltd

The most realistic angling simulation for the PC. Allows you tom fish virtually anywhere in the world from the comfort of your PC. Amazing real images of actual fishing venues. If you want to float, ledger, fly, lure or go sea fishing it's all here. You can can catch trout, carp, salmon pike perch, eels rays catfish, in fact virtually anything you can catch is right here. You can even import your own local venue stocked with fish. A must for the avid angler

(Added: Fri Sep 13 2002)

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