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Fly Fishing


Kumbalon Flies

Kumbalon Flies is an online fly shop sells premium quality fly fishing flies at discount prices. Our flies are made of Daiichi hooks, Hoffman hackles and meticuloous workmanship. Free fly box. Orders shipped within 24 hours

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Fly Fishing Equipment Resource

A guide and resource on how to select and where to find the best fly fishing equipment. Including fly fishing rods, fly fishing reel, fly fishing line, fly fishing flies/lures and so much more. Ideal for the beginner and expert, And check out the fishing secret.

(Added: Tue Mar 03 2009)

Fly Fish Online

A website that contains fly fishing articles, a newsletter, and a place to write down a fly fishing journal entry.

(Added: Thu May 29 2008)

Fly Fishing Specialist

A site with fly fishing articles, books, news, and also has a fly fishing auction.

(Added: Thu May 29 2008)

Fly Fishing for Bass and Panfish

Your guide to fly fishing equipment and tactics.

(Added: Sat Feb 09 2008)

A Wonderfurl Leader

The ultimate fly fishing leaders are available in monofilament and fluorocarbon, saltwater and freshwater, nymphing and dry fly. Our pike/muskie leaders include a titanium bite tippet. Absolutely the best fly fishing leader in the world.

(Added: Sat May 26 2007)

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Here you find great resources,fishing,fishing lure,fishing tackle,fishing trips,fishing licence,fishing lakes,links and more about fly fishing and fly tying,learn tie your flyes.Tips and information

(Added: Thu Mar 29 2007) complete guide to New Zealand fly fishing

The complete online guide to trout or salmon fishing in New Zealand with detailed maps and comprehensive information about where to fish, access, lures, regulations, tackle suppliers, guides and accommodation.

(Added: Wed Nov 22 2006)

Fly Fishing Resources

Information and resources on the quality fly fishing equipment, services, vacations and gifts.

(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

Trout and Salmon Fishing

Trout and salmon fishing in Scotland featuring maps, tackle, tactics, flies, knots, books and recipes.

(Added: Thu Feb 16 2006)

Fly Fish SouthEast Idaho

Fly fish blue ribbon water everyday! SouthEast Idaho offers some spectacular opportunities for fly fishing. Check out our forums, web journal, and fishing news!

(Added: Thu Oct 27 2005)

Practicle Fly Fishing Tips For The Beginner And Old Hands.

Whether you're a beginner at fly fishing or an old-timer, this site will show you many things you'll want to know to get the most out of your fresh water fishing. And it will do it in plain fish-talk so you can't miss.

(Added: Sun Oct 16 2005)

Mayfly Spent-Wing Material

Free sample of Mayfly Spent-Wing Material. email:

(Added: Mon Apr 18 2005)

Fall Canyon Flies

Finest quality flies on the web or from any fly shop. Our flies are made with only the best materials: Hoffman hackle and Daiichi hooks. We specialize in tungsten beadhead nymphs. Orders are 100% guaranteed. Based in Portland, Oregon.

(Added: Sun Mar 27 2005)

Canadian Tubefly Company

We specialize in tube flies that are used on pacific salmon and steelhead. Our flies work well for great lake salmon and steelhead too!

(Added: Fri Oct 29 2004)

Flyshop New Zealand is New Zealand's newest specialty online fly fishing tackle shop, brought to you by professional guide Steve Gerard. In our online shop you'll find a wide array of NZ trout fly patterns; dry flies, terrestrials, nymphs, bead-heads and streamers as well as quality fly fishing equipment, fly fishing rods from CD, lines, tippets and leaders and accessories by Airflow, C&F Design fly boxes, waders and large arbor reels from CDs Taimer range, and top quality accessories from Dr Slick

(Added: Sat Jul 31 2004)

Quality Trout Flies and Fly Fishing Tackle

Large selection of quality trout flies for every situation. Also rods, reels, flylines,backing, leaders and lots more all at reasonable prices.

(Added: Wed May 26 2004)

Joe Branham's Saltwater Fly Tying

Learn to tie saltwater flies with Joe Branham. Tying tips, tying lessons, pattern database, step by step and much more.

(Added: Mon Apr 12 2004) includes 1000+ closeup pictures and 12+ movies of live aquatic insects, 50+ pictures of trout underwater, pictures of imitative flies, and much more.

(Added: Wed Mar 17 2004)

Fly fishing Southwest Florida. Lots of information on fly fishing, fly casting, fly tying, and some great fly fishing links.

(Added: Mon Jan 12 2004)

World Wide Fishing Flies

Hand Tied Flies for the Discerning Fisherman

(Added: Thu Oct 09 2003)

A Half Buck Fly Shop - $.50 Flies

Quality guaranteed flies for $.50 to $.58 each. Over 550 patterns online with pictures. The guides #1 Choice for superior quality flies at affordable prices. Credit cards accepted.

(Added: Sat May 31 2003)

Wheeler River Lodge

Looking for a one-of-a-kind fishing or hunting trip? Look no further! Situated on the Wheeler River in beautiful Northern Saskatchewan, we are a 135 mile flight north from the float plane base at Otter Lake. Our camp is extremely quiet and isolated with no other camps in the area. Your group of 4 to 10 people has the entire area as your own.

(Added: Fri Apr 04 2003)

Fly Fish Vermont & The Fly Rod Shop

We provide instructional fly fishing tours in the beautiful surrounding Vermont rivers and lakes. Stop by to see our huge range of rods, reels, clothing, tackle, spin gear and to chat with our friendly staff.

(Added: Thu Feb 13 2003)

The Poor Man's Guide to Fly-Fishing

Discover money saving tips and information for gearing up in the sport of fly-fishing.

(Added: Tue Jan 21 2003)


Aussiely the Australian discount on-line super fly fishing store that delievers to any where in the World with a postal address. We carry both saltwater and freshwater rods,reels,lines,fly materials, flies and the new Talon range of hooks, from #20 to stainless to salmon types.

(Added: Wed Dec 18 2002)

FlyLines.Org is free from advertising (no banner ads, no popups) and financial support from any company, nor will Flylines seek any support. All time, effort, and equipment has been donated. Our goal is to provide an unbiased look at the fly angling community in an enjoyable environment. An environment that says on topic and fosters real discussions of the issues that affect us as anglers.

(Added: Thu Dec 05 2002)

Westfly is a non-profit magazine and information source for anglers who fly fish in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Thousands of fly fishers visit the site every day.

(Added: Wed Nov 27 2002)

Stutzman Hells Canyon Custom Rods & Guide Service

We are a custom rod building company, complete guide service and a certified fly casting school.

(Added: Tue Nov 26 2002)

Fly Tying Materials

Fly tying material, books, and fly fishing accessories. Free shipping for orders over $25, 10% off on orders over $75 and 20% off on orders over $150. You could pay more but why would you?

(Added: Sat Nov 23 2002)

Patagonia Argentina Trout Fly Fishing

Patagonia Argentina - Lodging and fly fishing for trout in the Andes mountains - The Arco Iris Cabins program - Wading fishing, float trips and lake fishing - The best lodges and rivers: Malleo, Chimehuin, Caleufu, Quillén, Quilquihue and more.

(Added: Thu Oct 24 2002)

Mr.Idris D Welch Scotties Flies.

We make the best available flies for any part of the world and for any species you should want.SALT:-Marlin to whiting, FRESH:-salmon to graylingWe export anywhere in the world

(Added: Wed Oct 23 2002)

new zealand trout fishing

NEW ZEALAND TROUT FISHING VIDEOS! "New Zealand Trophy Waters" are the ultimate fly-fishing videos available. They are quoted as the best trout fishing ever seen on film, very natural and quiet, just like being there, unlike many other fishing videos around. Huge trout are seen taking the fly in stunning rivers surrounded by world class scenery. All filming was in the South Island back-country of New Zealand. Here is a worthy gift for a friend or any member of the family. Please check my web site at here you will find all the information about the three volumes and can read some of their reviews should you desire.

(Added: Thu Oct 10 2002)

Midwest Trout Fishing

Midwest Trout Fishing assists Midwestern fly fishermen in their pursuit of the wild, elusive trout that swims within Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

(Added: Wed Oct 09 2002)

Puget Sound Fly Fishing

Puget Sound Fly Fishing is a saltwater specific site aimed at exploring fly fishing tactic, knowledge, and related information. Stay current with updated fishing reports and the proper equipment, flies, and skills used to catch salmonoid, groundfish, and other various species inherent only to the Pacific Rim.

(Added: Sat Oct 05 2002)

Fish Flies

an on-line store selling, flies, fly fishing equipment,fly tying materials,rod building supplies and fly fishing accessories

(Added: Fri Sep 13 2002)

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