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Freshwater Fishing


Walleye Baits

Walleye Baits helps you decide what bait and tackle are best for catching one of nature's craftiest fish. Learn walleye habits and haunts to help you land them. Discover which combinations rods, reels and line work best for specific conditions. Learn the difference between lake and river walleyes. Understand how the seasons affect their eating habits. See how weather conditions can help you find them. Once you've got them home, try our recipes for this popular, great tasting game fish.

(Added: Wed Aug 10 2011)

Fishizzle Tackle Co. - Premium Offshore Tackle

Fishizzle delivers solutions to your tackle needs, delivering tournament-level custom tackle to tournament anglers and weekend warriors alike. As with everything you require, Fishizzle provides unified and easy-to-use rig choices for delivering fish of all kinds to you!

(Added: Mon Jan 31 2011)

Skunked Fishing

Amateur fisherman try to avoid being skunked. Members submit fishing articles. Favorite fishing links and personal videos.

(Added: Tue Jun 22 2010)

The Fishing Loft

We offer advice for all aspects of freshwater fishing, including tips and techniques to help you catch more fish, the proper equipment and tackle to use, and when, where, and how to catch fish. Even various methods for preparing and cooking your catch, and some recipes as well.

(Added: Fri Sep 11 2009)

Catfish Fishing in Southern California

How to catch Catfish, Bass and Trout using the catfish fishing tips, secrets and tactics that you receive here have been time tested with excellent results and at best are very simple to use.

(Added: Thu Jan 10 2008)


Bass fishing information, fishing tips, tricks and techniques.

(Added: Sat Oct 28 2006)

Carp Fishing in Romania

Latest CARP FISHING news, articles, competitions. Lakes and Dabune Delta fishing.

(Added: Sun Feb 26 2006)

Bass Lure Review

Bass Fishing product and Tackle review site with professional anglers and guides to help provide a good review to make informed decisions on tackle.

(Added: Mon Jan 02 2006)

Fishing Pixels

Help a handicapped angler live his dream!

(Added: Sun Nov 27 2005)

Reeltime Anglers

Bass fishing portal to a state of the art website with services for all anglers in one location. Bass fishing reports, tackle, and radio shows.

(Added: Sun Oct 30 2005)

Carpfishing in Romania

Carp fishing in Romania. Venues, news, competitions, articles, maps. Site in romanian language.

(Added: Mon Oct 24 2005)

Essay 2 Go Fishn

Are you a good writer, win a 2 day guided fishn trip plus 2 nights accomodations with a 150 word essay and 20.00 entry fee! Check out are site!

(Added: Wed Nov 12 2003)

are you @ yet ??? home of the infamous free email service, Trophy Fishing tips from Fishery Biologists who build Trophy Fishing Habitats, the bear vs. Fisherman hilarious video, fishing egreetings cards, screen savers, graphics, the Trout Internet Clock, and more!

(Added: Tue Nov 05 2002)


Almost everything you need to know about catfishing.If we don't know then we'll find somebody that does.

(Added: Sun Oct 13 2002)

Carpfishing UK

The best carp fishing information from the UK & around the World!

(Added: Sat Oct 12 2002)


Instructions on rigging, casting and fishing the Aqua Dart. Learn the secrets of long distance bait fishing with this modern bait delivery float, the Aqua Dart.

(Added: Fri Oct 11 2002)

Backwoods Bound

Fishing & Hunting Information & Photos, Wild Game Recipes, Outdoor Photos, FREE Monthly Newsletter, Fun Facts, Trophy Plaques, Chili Seasoning, & More!

(Added: Fri Oct 11 2002)

Bass Magnet, bass fishing photo contest and gallery.

Monthly contest for the best bass photo. Largemouth, Smallmouth, Peacock, Striped Australian, and any other type of bass are eligible. Complete photo galleries with the stories behind the catch.

(Added: Thu Oct 10 2002)

Bamboo Rodmaking Tips

Thinking about making a bamboo fly rod? Well, is the place for you. We have tips, contraptions and sources to help you build your rod. Come on down and peruse the site.

(Added: Wed Oct 09 2002)

Dock Talk

Fresh water fishing experiences of an Eastern Ontario angler

(Added: Fri Sep 20 2002) is the ultimate fishing resource on the internet with over 1500 links to other fishing sites, all searchable. Fishing articles, reports and stories make your one stop resource on the internet for fishing!

(Added: Fri Sep 20 2002)

From new tackle to the latest tips to land your trophy bass, this site has it all. Over 2500 pages of information designed to make you a better fisherman and bring you more enjoyment from your time on the water.

(Added: Fri Sep 13 2002)

Old Lake Products

The Aqua Dart is an American waggler float designed to be used by shore or bank anglers using live bait. Depending on the equipment used it is possible to cast 150 feet or more and easily see the float at that distance. Nearly neutral buoyant, even small fish can pull it under. The flights not only can be seen well but allow the angler to cast very accurately and cuts wind resistance during the cast and water resistance during the retreve. Truly a modern bait delivery system.

(Added: Fri Sep 13 2002)

tonys fishing emporium

In the UK we call it coarse fishing... this is a freshwater fishing site for big fish hunters.From Carp to Indian Mahseer and Nile perch.Tips,issues,galleries and much more....

(Added: Fri Sep 13 2002)

Woo's Homestead

Shad Fishing site, Homemade lures and supplies, Fishing reports, Surf fishing, Striper fishing, and lots more

(Added: Thu Sep 12 2002)

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