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Dan Hernandez Sport Fishing (61)
Dan Hernandez Sport Fishing T.V. Show featuring saltwater fishing around the world.
FishbuzzTV (2)
The popular online Fishing Show!
Fishing with Joe (10)
Fishing with Joe online fishing show.
Rocky Mountain T.V. (38)
Rocky Mountain T.V. gear talk outdoor gear reviews and T.V. Programs
WFN Fishing Television (7)
World Fishing Network fishing video clips
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Catching yellow tails with Dan Hernadez

Fishing with Dan Hernadez with a crouded boat catching yellow tails using magic metal jigs reeling in fast right next to a kelp patty, using tiger rods with a fluger reel and spin cast reels, with 25 pound cajun red line.

Click Here to view Video (Added: Thu Mar 29 2007)

Lake Trout at Flaming George

Seg 1 Seg 2 Seg 3 Seg 4

Click Here to view Video (Added: Mon Mar 21 2016)

Brook Trout Fishing the Black River in Northern Michigan

Michigan Gone Wild is in pursuit of late summer Brook Trout on the Black River in Northern Michigan. With a combination of terrestrials, wet fly's, spoons and spinners, Jordan and Joe team up with TFO rods in hand to put some Brookies in the net. Jordan offers some great advise for capitalizing on late summer Brook Trout while using tactics that have been a trade mark on the Black River for almost a century.

Click Here to view Video (Added: Tue Oct 20 2015)

Ohio Smallmouth Bass Slaying

Come with us as we slay some small mouth bass, in the creek and river. Spinner baits was working again for us and we land over 32 smallies and two hogs. In this video we will give you fishing tips on fronts and the moon, pre spawn and spawning bass. Ltes go to Ohio and get in a creek and land some smallies. Created with MAGIX Video deluxe MX

Click Here to view Video (Added: Tue May 27 2014)

Event 4

The Tour lands in Slidell, La and the redfish are giant!

Click Here to view Video (Added: Mon Jul 29 2013)

Top Five Fishing Don'ts

Showtime Eric Young goes through his top lessons learned from this season of "Off the Hook". Get ready for some extreme fishing FAILS

Click Here to view Video (Added: Tue Aug 28 2012)

Atlantic salmon video on the Hampshire Avon

15lb silver bar caught on the historic UK Hampshire Avon using a mepps 4 spinner with a copper blade and red and yellow body.

Click Here to view Video (Added: Mon Jul 02 2012)

Jared's First Atlantic salmon age 17

5 out of 5 stars (1 vote)

My son has been trying for 4 years to land his first Atlantic salmon on the Hampshire Avon (UK). He finally acheived his goal at age 17 and I captured the whole event on HD head cam. Enjoy!

Click Here to view Video (Added: Mon Jul 02 2012)

Skyway bridge Tampa FL Snook and Tarpon "Lucky Strike"

Catching some nice Snook and flying one Tarpon

Click Here to view Video (Added: Sun Apr 22 2012)


Click Here to view Video (Added: Tue Feb 07 2012)

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