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Saltwater Fishing Videos

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Show me the snapper fishing show episode 4

Hog snapper and hotties were what was going on

Click Here to view Video (Added: Mon Aug 29 2011)

Thevenard Island 2011 part2

Team Dhubilant @ the mackeral islands catchin the best of the north west (Australia)

Click Here to view Video (Added: Thu May 19 2011)

tiger getting pulled from a boat

Tiger up north of Australia nearly pulled off a boat by a big 98cm Stinky Cod

Click Here to view Video (Added: Thu May 19 2011)

Hot Liquid Lures

Custom hand-blown dichroic glass fishing lures are crafted by fisherman for fisherman. Combining old world artistry with new world technology and craftsmanship we create fishing lures that are custom and unique in every way.

Click Here to view Video (Added: Thu Apr 07 2011)

Deadliest Catch Wannabes (HMB Crabbing)

Can a few inexperienced Deadliest Catch wannabes launch a dingy in the ocean and actually catch crab? Surprisingly, the answer is yes! We bought a couple crab pots and tried our luck. This was my first time launching in Half Moon Bay. Our first couple pulls were disappointing, but we started getting the hang of it quickly. To be fair, Lee and Mike don't watch the Deadliest Catch so perhaps I'm the only Deadliest Catch wannabe. That show is great.

Click Here to view Video (Added: Wed Nov 17 2010)

Bite Me Smashes Ladies World Record Wahoo!

- Angler - Fiona Stallard - Species - Wahoo - Weight - 21.0kg - Line Class - 3kg Line W-03 IGFA World Record Wahoo!

Click Here to view Video (Added: Thu Sep 30 2010)

Salmon Fishing Charter BC '09 What a great salmon fishing and halibut fishing trip in British Columbia the last week of August 2009. Fishing in 2009 was some of the best salmon fishing we have seen in a while!

Click Here to view Video (Added: Mon Nov 23 2009)

Salmon Fishing Trip of a Lifetime 2009

Headed out to the water in July 2009 in Ucluelet BC Canada. The salmon fishing was fantastic, and the halibut fishing was great as well. Vancouver Island BC has great fishing. No need for a fishing resort; this trip was awesome! Lots of salmon fishing action and plenty of bites!

Click Here to view Video (Added: Fri Nov 20 2009)

ARMY NOW! 400 pound GOLIATH by hand. Chew On This

Watch Richie Young freshly back from a tour of duty battle a giant Goliath that ate a stingray whole.

Click Here to view Video (Added: Tue Sep 08 2009)

Tile Fishing Part 1

Deep dropping for golden tilefish off of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida aboard the Bill Collector with Bill Dobbelaer from Global Fish Mounts

Click Here to view Video (Added: Fri Jul 31 2009)

Tile Fishing Part 3 of 3

Golden Tile Fishing off of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Click Here to view Video (Added: Fri Jul 31 2009)

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