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Video Contest WINNERS


Rebirth Of A River The Olentangy River Documentary

4 out of 5 stars (5 votes)

Joe Jordan has known about the great fishing in The Olentangy River for years but, now the fishing is better than ever. Joe feels the work that The Ohio State University Wetlands Research Center has done in cleaning up the water that runs through Olentangy River may be the reason why. Recently Joe proposed a documentary about The Olentangy River filmed from an anglers perspective to WOSU television and they have expressed interest in the idea. Joe has begun filming for the documentary and you should see the results!

Click Here to view Video (Added: Fri Oct 19 2007)

Big Fish tackle Commercial

4 out of 5 stars (4 votes)

Big Fish Tackle can help you find the hottest fishing E-tailers online and has a great website where anglers can post photos, videos and blog with other anglers about important fishing topics.

Click Here to view Video (Added: Mon Aug 27 2007)

Miick Jigger's Ramblings on Lake Trout

This is posted elsewhere but I wanted to enter it in the funniest video.

Click Here to view Video (Added: Tue Jul 31 2007)