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Tomaris S popular

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Date Submitted: Fri Mar 01 2002
Location: Missisenawa Reservoir
State: Indiana
Fish: Flathead Catfish

Description: This was caught at the Missisenawa Reservoir, in Miami County, Indiana. This flat head was 47and half inches long and weighed 30 lbs. Caught this fish on 20lb test line, with a night crawler with a tru-turn hook 1/0.What a fight so exciting to finally after 1 hour getting him to the shore. I took him home to show it off and get picture taken and released into a nearby reservoir. I filled a 55gal garbage bag with water and then put it in a little red wagon and put it in truck. I drove it 7 miles and practiced the catch and release system I truly believe in. Tomaris Schauer

Overall Rating: 3.98
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