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Sean Strakele

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Date Submitted: Wed Jan 01 2003
Location: Cape Cod
State: Massachusetts
Fish: Bluefin Tuna

Description: Sean fishing with his father Capt Bill Strakele of Orleans hooked this beautifull 60# Bluefin on a Baird 1/2oz Slammer Jig. The trebel hook was replaced with a 4.0 Owner big game hook and heavy split ring. The equiptment used was a Shakesphere Tigre big game rod and a Shimano Baitrunner reel loaded with 20# Yozuri big Game mono. A 36" Segar Florocarbon leader was attached to the mono. After fighting the fish for better that an hour Sean accidently hit the baitrunner lever and backlashed the spool. Pandamonion set in. I grabed the line and had Sean hold it while I was cutting the mess off of the spool. Imagine a 60# Bluefin running around the boat while you are trying to hold the 20# test line in your hand. After clearing the line off the spool I joined the ends with a Uni Knot and Sean was able to land the fish after another 30 minutes. Needless to say we kept the fish and had the finest tuna feast ever that evening. The knot that I was fortunate enough to join the line with is proudly attached to Seans picture in my office reminding me of taat memorable day on the water.

Overall Rating: 3.82
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