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Justin Kozel popular

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Date Submitted: Tue Aug 02 2005
Location: cape cod
State: Massachusetts
Fish: Striped Bass

Description: I caught this striper on the beach around 230am I had two rods in the water fishing in sandwich they were both stuck in my cooler that had rod holders i caught 10 - 15 schoolies that night using clams on my penn rod n reel had 20 lb test me and my freinds were sitting around are campfire on our private beach i had a bite so i ran and grabbed a rod another schoolie while i was unhooking it my other rod had a bite it flipped over the cooler whick was filled with ice and fluke and my rod went in the water so i ran after it dove into the surf and grabbed it i set the hook making sure it wouldnt get away i was screaming and all the neighbors came out of there beach houses then a little croud formed as i faught this cow in for 20 minutes i pulled it in and i couldnt believe how big it was im 17 ive just started my surf fishing career and it was the biggest fish ive ever seen caught of the beach it was 47 inches not sure how much it weighed guesing around 50 but it made my whole trip everytime i see this picture i crack a smile i hope it has the same effect on you

Overall Rating: 2.74
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