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John Nasuta

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Date Submitted: Thu Jul 24 2008
Location: Garfield/Passaic
State: New Jersey
Fish: Grass Carp

Description: We were fishing off our boat on Fathers Day 2008. I was using 6lb test, W/ a mallberry for bait. It took me at lease 20 min. to get the carp in the boat. My son Domenic was telling his friend Paul how i like to open the drag to make the fish fight longer. I'm telling him that its a big one. Well when the carp came up to see what the hick was going on we seen how big he was an the carp realized he was hooked an it was another 10 min. to net him. By that time we went down river 200 yd, all this time i was controling the boat i almost gave up the rod. The carp was 33'' long an was 20 lb, Theres nothing like landing a monster of any type of fish what a rush for every one.

Overall Rating: 3.95
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