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First King Salmon, I'd say he's hooked

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Date Submitted: Tue Sep 30 2008
Location: Kenai River
State: Alaska
Fish: Chinook Salmon

Description: Well, I'm a guide on the Kenai River and on this particular day it was a father son trip. The dad wanted to take his son on his first fishing trip to Alaska. He himself had come up the year before last and put a 73 lb. King in the boat, but fishes enough to know that that is not an every trip kinda thing. Everyone was hoping to catch a King gut I was careful not to let expectations get to high. When Tommy hooked into this one I knew right away that we had a big one. I casually leaned over to his father and said He's got a good fish. That's the last mention of it's size until it was in the net. After dragging us a mile down the river, Tommy was spent the fish was in the boat and I told them that we'd better call the taxidermist for this one. There were no arguments and that fish is in the middle of betting mounted as we speak. Not a bad fish for his first King Salmon. Tight Lines, Joe Jessal

Overall Rating: 4.74
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