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Lamar Evans

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Date Submitted: Mon Sep 08 2008
Location: Weatherford
State: Texas
Fish: Flathead Catfish

Description: I was fishing a Cabela's King Kat Tournament Trail at Lake Tawakoni,Tx. I was drift fishing on the main lake in 20' of water an about 8:am One of the four rods went down.The rod tip was in the water then it came back up, My heart dropped I said to myself that one got away then BAM!! the rod went down again it look like it was going to pull my rod holder out of the boat. So grabbing the rod out and I knew that wasn't going to be easy thing to do, An just holding on to my rod for about five minutes before the fish would even turn. Finally it started turning and just a hard pull I could only reel in a little at a time and the fish would pull out more line,This went on and on...... every time I get the fish close to the boat it would pull 50 to 100 yards of line out my rod at a time and going around the boat. I didn't won't to set the drag to hard I was thanking that the 65 lb line was going to hold up or the hook was going to come out. After about 20 minutes the fish was playing out "I was too", At last I seen the head I couldn't believe my eyes how large this fish was the first thing came to me was How I was going to net this BIG FISH, I got the net and tried to land and that wen I seen that's the fish head was bigger than the net. A little work but the net was broke and the fish was in the boat at last, Man what fun that was!!! Wail the flathead and I was resting I was looking at this large fish on the floor of the boat and wondering if this fish was going to fit in the live well ? no it didn't. I didn't wont the fish to die so we went to the weigh in,Long story short the Flathead weighed in at 72.65 pounds.and I went back fishing the Tournament when I called a buddy and told hem what happen he look it up on the web and seen that I set a NEW LAKE RECORD ON R/R again long story short I weighed in over 86lbs and won first place and Big Fish at my first Cabela's King Kat Tournament Trail and a Lake Record on R/R,What a Good Day of Fishing. I almost forgot this fish hit a 2" shad!! big bait or not? Lamar Evans

Overall Rating: 4.05
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