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Bass Day

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Date Submitted: Tue Jul 28 2009
Location: Franklin
State: Indiana
Fish: Largemouth Bass

Description: It was 1100 am. I was not having a very good day, so I went to my tired and true bait. The green pumpkin shim-e-stick. On my 4th cast near the big weaping willow hang over the water and also has grown in the water. I fished near to the structure as I could. Just as soon as my bait hit the water he hit it and took me for run. Jumping 3x and diving many more times then I care to talk about. I caught him on a Abu Garcia Ultra Light, with Vanish Floral Carbon 8lb tes. This fish was caught from the land side, which means I was not on the water, I was on the bank. So consider this as you vote. No boat, no fish finder just me and the fish.

Overall Rating: 4.04
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