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68 lb blue cat popular

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Date Submitted: Thu Jan 07 2010
Location: TN river
State: Alabama
Fish: Blue Catfish

Description: I caught this fish 11-15-09 on Lake Wheeler in Northern Alabama. We were fishing out of our new SeaArk Pro Cat 240. The water temp was 64* and the outside air temp was 75. It was a great day, we put 7 fish over 50lbs in the boat that day and one of those was a 101.75 lber that my buddy Russ caught. We got them all on film for our video and the 101.75 is the largest catfish caught in north america on film. All fish were caught on rod and reel and released. This fish was caught using a double snell rig with 8/0 team catfish hooks and skip jack herring heads were the bait of choice. I was using surge elite rods med/hvy, 80lb power pro line with an 80lb ande mono leader and #2 spro swivels.

Overall Rating: 4.04
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