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Huge Sockeye Salmon

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Date Submitted: Thu Feb 03 2011
Location: Lake Creek at McDougall Lodge
State: Alaska
Fish: Sockeye Salmon

Description: Huge Sockeye Salmon – I was on a mission to catch all 5 species of salmon Alaska offers during my one week trip at McDougall Lodge in Lake Creek, Alaska. Lake Creek starts at the base of Mt. McKinley and runs 65 miles to the Yentna River. It is a clear, gravel-bottom river where all species of Pacific Salmon flock to spawn each year. Towards the end of my trip, I had caught 4 out of 5 salmon species: Chinook, Coho, Pink, and Chum. I had yet to catch the remaining “Sockeye” Salmon to complete my mission. Unlike the 4 other Alaskan Salmon, the Sockeye salmon are plankton eaters in the ocean and are not prone to chasing their pray…so it is more difficult to catch them. During my last fishing day, I finally landed that Sockeye Salmon and it was one of the greatest fishing moments of my life…I had finally accomplished my goal and caught all 5 salmon species! This huge Sockeye put of a great fight too! It took me a while to reel it closer so it could be netted. I had all I could do to keep tension on the line and not snap it…when I finally netted this wonderful fish, I was shaking with pure joy and excitement – (especially after noticing the bear feet tracks on the river bank next to me). This was a day I that will be burned in my memory for a lifetime and it is one of the reasons why I love so much to fish!

Overall Rating: 3.99
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