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Fishing Wall of Fame > 2012 > February > Giant Blue Fin Tuna

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Giant Blue Fin Tuna

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Date Submitted: Fri Feb 03 2012
Location: Mud Hole area off Block Island
State: Rhode Island
Fish: Bluefin Tuna

Description: Caught this 750 lb. Giant by accident while fishing for small 30 lb. bluefins. We saw a shark in the slick and decided to put out a live bluefish for bait while we wait for the tuna to show. As soon as the bait was in the water a pod of Giants moved into the slick too, and we were hooked up and running. The fish took us on a 8 mile journey through lobster pots and other boats till we finally gaffed it. We were not using a 130 rod set up for giants, but an old 80 lb set up for the shark. It was mid morning that we hooked up the fish and it took us 6 hrs to land it due to the old rod and line, and the customers could not put the pressure on the fish to land it. The boat was a 35' JC sport fishermen.

Overall Rating: 3.93
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