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BassGold Adds Maps, National Recommendations

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BassGold announced that it has launched a new, improved version of its amazing bass patterning app that makes it even better for anglers. It now has the world’s best digital fishing maps and provides fishing recommendations for any body of water in the U.S. – based on what the country’s top anglers have done to successfully catch fish – along with being more mobile- and tablet-friendly.

With the maps, anglers can toggle between Google and Bing satellite imagery and can add depth contour lines, depth shading and boat ramp locations. The maps — coupled with BassGold’s displays of what has actually worked to catch bass on a particular water body for that time of year — allow anglers to know the most productive areas and techniques before they get to a lake.

Accessible with any web-connected device at, the app provides fishing recommendations based on thousands of winning bass tournament patterns over five decades. It has successfully predicted the winning fish-catching areas, techniques, and weights of Bassmaster Classics, Bassmaster Elite Series events and many other tournaments, as well as just plain fishing trips.

It works so well because BassGold has turned thousands of tournament fishing reports into data, which is then crunched and analyzed to provide fishing recommendations by water body (or water type) and date range. Nothing else in fishing can do this.

“Using BassGold enables anglers to save hours or even days of the time by eliminating 90 percent of a water body before they even get there,” said BassGold CEO Jay Kumar. “This allows fishermen to concentrate on proven areas and techniques rather than waste time on unproductive patterns or dock talk.”

BassGold also provides a marketing opportunity unique in the fishing industry. Partners can, in Google-like fashion, market to individual anglers in the process of getting fishing recommendations for specific waters and baits.

“I’m excited about what [version] 2 of BassGold will do for our current and future subscribers and partners,” Kumar said. “If you spend just a few minutes with it, any fisherman will see that it’s a mind-blowing tool.

“On that note, I need to highlight that — that BassGold was created by and is directed by diehard bass fishermen, not by tech people who happen to fly fish or whatever. Just like everything I’ve ever been associated with in bass fishing, BassGold is 100 percent authentic to bass fishing and fishermen, and will stay that way.”

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About BassGold
BassGold, the ultimate bass patterning app, is a property of Sasquatch Media, which specializes in enthusiast-focused digital strategy and implementation. It also produces the BassBlaster e-newsletter (, one of the largest daily reads in bass fishing.

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