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Cloned Spoon Flutters, Flashes and Fools Fish

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“Picture Perfect” MOXIE MINNOW® looks and plays the part of a minnow in action

Bemidji, MN – When distressed or wounded, live baitfish flutter toward bottom in seductively slow death dances. Like a falling oak leaf on an autumn breeze, wounded minnows slowly descend. But unlike a fluttering leaf, dying minnows rarely reach the bottom. For most of these tantalizing morsels, their final destination lies within the jaws of smiling gamefish. Which is also where an “injured” fluttering spoon—especially one that mimics live forage—ends its tumble; snapped up by powerful piscine jaws. It’s exactly the same way big fish assault the new MOXIE MINNOW®.

Northland’s MOXIE MINNOW® is a lifelike series of LIVE-FORAGE® minnow imitating flutterspoons that fool fish with their realistic baitfish image body and classy good looks. Stamped from lightweight brass, it flutters down slow to provide a crippled baitfish action that fish cannot resist. New printed LIVE-FORAGE® HD “high definition” Fish-Photo-Image™ patterns are picture perfect and “match-the-hatch” to mimic a minnow fry to perfection. While one side is imprinted with a specific LIVE-FORAGE® pattern to trigger reluctant biters, the concave underside attracts fish with “holographic” FlashFoil™ or Super-Glo® colors, taking full advantage of the Moxie’s deadly wobbling, fluttering action.
“When I’m fishing walleyes and other fish that are targeting specific forage species, I always reach for the matching MOXIE MINNOW®,” states TEAM NORTHLAND™ PRO Mr. Walleye Gary Roach. “On a Perch bite, I tie on a Gold Perch or Glow Perch pattern. If they’re eatin’ Shiners, I can give fish a Silver or Golden Shiner pattern. If they are gobbling up Fatheads or Chubs, I can quickly give them one of those, as well. These lifelike baitfish replicas are constructed with a light brass material that gives them a deadly fluttering action. With today’s electronics I can sit over a pod of fish and spoon ‘em up with the MOXIE MINNOW®!”

LIVE-FORAGE® BAITS are the result of two years of intensive research, design, testing and the use of new Digital-Imaging Technology (DIT). The advanced graphic technology has resulted in the groundbreaking lifelike, natural ‘high definition’ application on the new series of lures. The MOXIE MINNOW® uses only quality VMC® Cone-Cut treble hooks, available in three sizes (1 ½-, 2-, and 2 ½-inches) and eight natural baitfish image color patterns that are deadly on Perch, Crappie, Walleye and Trout, and all fish that eat! Tie one on . . . and put this stimulating new minnow spoon with moxie to work for you!

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