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Cod Fishing Tips Miami

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Cod are found under rocks, reefs, wrecks, shallow coastal and harbor walls. Fished for several decades and is a staple of fish meal. Cod can be recognized immediately because the beard protruding from the fish’s lower jaw. The barb or beard is used by fish as a sensor, allowing cod to find food in the dark depths of the sea around the bed. Cod is one of the fastest growing fish that has a big mouth and big appetite and sometimes referred to as “the old bucket mouth” or “vacuum cleaner of the sea” due to his habit of opening its jaws and suck everything that comes before. The size of this fish is about 2 to 3 feet long and can weigh about 10 pounds more close to the ground. However, in the North Atlantic, there are fish, as big as 6 feet and 100 pounds. If you want to go to catch cod, one of the cod fishing tips go first is the ideal time of year. From late September through the winter months until late February or early March is the right time to go fishing for cod. Now let’s read on the tips of fishing for cod and tricks.

Deep Sea Cod Fishing Tips

Go fishing for cod is one of the fun trips you can take your family. You can go fishing cod, even in a small boat without motor, about 500 to 1000 meters away from the coast. The best area to fish for cod, is where the fish are also plans, such as sole or small fish swimming and slow. They also eat whiting and pout, plus they are also fond of shrimp and crabs. You will notice, cod that feed on fast-moving fish. If you go on the ideal time to fish, you can find also in shallow soil. Even at the right time, you will have to wait for the lowest tide.

There are different types of fishing line. One of the cod fishing tips online is to use a line at least 50 pounds, because the cod tend to be heavy and fight a little, when they are captured. More often than not, you will be able to find a catch, so fishing trip for cod is a popular family trip. As you know, what should be the line, I’m sure you could ask on the bar. The bar should be smooth, elastic and soft tip. One of the tactics of fishing for cod, is to pull up the bar, where cod is pulling the line down. Therefore, make sure the bar is used for fishing is short and manageable, and has a strong resistance, to be able to withstand the force of cod pulling it down. The reel you use, you must be great in strength, compared to the capacity of the line. One of the boards of rock cod fishing is the use of a sinker, so the line goes down to the rocks, where the cod. Cod tend to be near his hiding place, therefore, have to close the line, to the hideout.

Remember that cod fish is a lazy, therefore, will not run after meals. The baits will have a role to play. Among the tips of blue cod fishing is choosing the right bait for cod. You can choose any small fish, crabs, squid, cuttlefish, etc are not fussy about food, but certainly they are opportunists, so they will grab anything that comes there way. You will need to ensure that, to ensure the proper bait, as the bait will be subjected to high speed. Because they have a big mouth, cod will be able to take the bait, even large. Therefore, you should not worry about putting big baits.

Now that they are equipped with cod fishing tips, you can go fishing cod success. Remember, the cod fish is not a fighter, so once you connect it to capture, unless it is connected properly.

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