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RI Saltwater Fall Update
The schoolie bluefin tuna, atlantic bonito (freenies), Little Tunny (false albacore)have just about left the Mudhole and surrounding areas. Water temps have dropped to 60-61*. The stripped bass and blues are gorging themselves for the fall run south. If the wind and weather give you a break get out and enjoy the action. The bottom fishing is in full swing with porgies (scup), black sea bass, and tautog (blackfish). There are plenty of small fish that you will catch and have to release, but there are also many, many huge fish that will fill your coolers for the ride home. Up in the bay down to Newport the blackfish action is hot, and it is just starting south of Newport down to the south shore beaches. Scup and sea bass have been hot and heavy for a while now all over and will continue for another few weeks before they move out to the deeper water for the winter. If you like bottom fishing and penty of action as well as some unbelieveable tasting fish, come fishing in RI right now till December.
Capt. John Rainone F/V. L'il Toot
Hey Capt. John,

just wondering where you are holed up this winter?

havent heard from ya in a while and was wondering if you are still running charters out of RI this spring?

how did last season do for ya? any tour groops worth mentioning?

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