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State Moderators Wanted

Registered (and active) BFT Message Board member in good standing
Residence in state or area to be moderated.
Good background in fishing, with at least the knowledge of several fishing methods.
Creativeness to post topics in your forum that others will be interested to respond to.
Good people skills.
Team player…willingness and ability to interact with other BFT members and moderators.
Available time to devote necessary efforts to building and maintaining assigned boards. Approximately 15 minutes at least 4 times a week.
Ability to grow your board through talking with other anglers, telling family and friends about your board.

Fishing Organizations and clubs seeking to post for donations are only considered if active members or moderators of the BFT forums.
Fishing Guide Services and Tackle Retailers are only allowed promotion in "signature files" if they are moderators or have administrative permission.
Moderators are granted a Free advertising zone(Blue Bar, in Signature block) to promote their own businesses, sponsors or other companies in their forum.
Access to private moderator forums
An opportunity to educate new anglers and support the sport you love and an opportunity to help build the largest fishing resource and community in the world!
Please Note: That BFT grants moderators many avenues to promote businesses, organizations, and sponsors but in no case can links or free banner ads go to other fishing forums. If you are a fishing industry professional in any capacity becoming a BFT moderator gives you access to one of the largest fishing market shares online!

While we actively solicit for people to become moderators, we need to make sure that there are no misunderstandings. The job of moderator is not a paying position and moderators are not employee's of BigFishTackle.Com.

The position offers you the opportunity to share your own background and experience…in fishing, business and computer skills…with other members of the largest growing fishing community online and further the sport of fishing.

Most of our moderators have many years of experience and have a passion for sharing with others who are just getting started, in a lot of cases. Being a mod is also a good way to make new fishing buddies and learn lots of new stuff from other members.

Many of our moderators find that linking up with BFT is a growing experience in their personal knowledge of computers and the Internet. Working with our program will enhance your own skills and understanding.

One of the biggest challenges facing some new moderators is taking over a previously “slow” board (or starting a new one) and building it up to a respectable level of daily activity. That usually requires both creativity and some diligent effort (hard work). However, the pride of accomplishment is usually well worth the struggle.

Moderators will pretty much establish the tone and direction of their individual boards, with little interference from administration. But, admins will always be there for help when needed. Mods will also use their own discretion in editing, deleting or otherwise dealing with “problem” posts and posters. Again, the administrators are always available for suggestions and guidance.

It is expected that moderators will review their boards at least once daily, if not more. Ideally, new posts should be read as soon as possible, to insure that there is no “flaming” or personal attacking and to edit out objectionable language before others view it. These problems seldom occur on our fishing oriented boards, but there are people who delight in creating problems when there is no supervision.

We ask that moderators make at least three posts on their assigned boards each week. Once a board gets going, and there is regular activity, that is not a problem. It can be difficult when trying to “jump start” a new board or an inactive one. That is where creativity and patience must be a part of the moderator’s basic makeup. Again, you can get assistance from administration if you have problems or concerns.

There are likely to be times when a moderator becomes discouraged or Angry. Regardless of the reasons, all we ask is that there be open communication with administration. Most problems are usually matters of misunderstanding or miscommunication and can often be resolved without a meltdown.

It you are interested in this position please reply to this thread or PM the original poster of this thread, thanks.

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