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How to shoot one gold fish in game properly?
Hello all,

Thanks for taking up your time to read my post. Please forgive me if my English is not so good, but hope that u can understand them.

I am playing Fishing Mania game on my android phone and after killing normal fish in one room, I can get corresponding coins as rewards, but I met such issue that I don't know how to shoot gold fish in game and it seems that it is rather hard for normal level of cannon to kill gold fish, so I am thinking of some way to shoot gold fish.

Here is the picture that I shoot normal fish in game.

Can anyone here give me some suggestions about how to shoot gold fish?

Many thanks.
Can anyone here give me some suggestions about the topic?

Many thanks.
Sorry this is a forum for hunting and shooting of animals, not for games, it is unlikely that anyone here is familiar with this game you are talking about. We do have game forum here but not many members use it. Here is a link to that forum:

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