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Fishing Lockdown Modified For Oahu, Hawaii 9/10/20 to 9/23/20!
[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)]Mayor Caldwell Extended & Modified The Stay/Work at Home Order For 2 More Weeks!

This is Oahu's Mayor Caldwell's most recent modification of the current stay at home order. This will start on 9/10/20 & will end on 9/23/20. It can be further extended or re-modified at any time. The current order doesn't affect the other Hawaiian Islands, only Oahu. If you don't want to understand your full rights & only want to hear the fishing part skip to time frame 1:45. Be advised listening to the less then 3min video will help you understand your rights.

Remember to stay safe for your family & friends out there.
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