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Painted jig heads?
Someone I just met at the lake wanted to know what to paint his jig heads with. We mostly fish small soft plastics for pan fish and bass.
I told him I stopped using painted jigs years ago - even skirted jigs for bass and saw no advantage. I told him that when fish see a lure, the body of the lure as far as size and action are number one. Lure color may enhance both of those but a painted head is more of a distraction and adds to the visual length of the lure. 

Many years ago when I first started using soft plastics for smallmouth bass, I did like the muted yellow pearl Mr. Twister grub and would probably still use it, but not necessarily. Bass jig heads with skirts I prefer black paint for no special reason. Plastic worms, lizards or creature baits for bass never needed a painted bullet head sinker and I've caught many.

Amazing what we've been told or read when it comes to tackle, never questioning the reason(s). I stopped doing that decades ago and continue to disprove even my own assumptions when it comes to tackle for any fish species.

All of these photos display fish caught on unpainted heads:
[Image: yx6bi82.jpg?1][Image: YrA90QI.jpg]
[Image: GcDG1JD.jpg][Image: XYfCLAZ.jpg?1]
[Image: Vq5mAJc.jpg?1]\[Image: 71gncAD.jpg?1][Image: gOKJn9Z.jpg]

No reason to start now.

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