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Nov 2021 Florida New Smyrna Daytona Beach Orlando
Cold fronts are finally reaching us here in East Central Florida at New Smyrna Beach, some cool nights into the 50’s, still waiting for some colder temperatures which will drop our water temps as we move towards winter, the dry season will lower water levels which still remain high after the long rainy summer, clarity will also improve with lower temps. The upcoming winter fishing pattern will concentrate fish after the scattered fish patterns of warm water. Sheepshead and Bluefish will show up into the backcountry and will become every day catches again. Sheepshead eat shellfish so shrimp and crabs to catch them, Bluefish eat anything that swims, so small baitfish, shrimp, and small lures will have the toothy Blues attacking. Also in winter pattern we will catch Redfish, Black Drum, Snook, Pompano and Whiting to name a few. Long time Iowa repeat client Bonnie recently caught and released this 30” Redfish, it had to have her live shrimp on her very first cast of the trip ……………..

[Image: JRbminS8TBinTj8979kLMsfIsn2XsSvX4xke62O-...authuser=0]

Cheryl from Wisconson hooked up this approx 15 lb. Tarpon on light tackle and after a half hour battle with many jumps we were able to bring it on board for a fast photo before release ……………….

[Image: aJ681zfk4cVqio2nKurmTIhb2l2O8KAX-E0JOrsS...authuser=0]

Texas James got a fun size Snook, also a Catch Photo Release with a good fight on light tackle on this nice backcountry linesider …………….

[Image: vRs7MkO64YEudi3tlG6Ishg7N1cUaIP-r9NFPYIp...authuser=0]

Jack Crevalle are one of our more common game fish, always a strong fight no matter the size fish, this one for Chandler from North Carolina a fun drag pulling 5 pounder on a light rod ……………….

[Image: rkLiL0cKtoNoDhLOfx_kemOmvBr8_2yNNUvpF5hc...authuser=0]

Fun Friendly Light Tackle Fishing Adventures
Closest Saltwater Fishing to Orlando at New Smyrna Beach
Calm Water Indian River Backcountry


Capt. Michael Savedow
Edgewater River Guide, Inc. Since 2003
Thanks for your report Capt Savedow, unfortunately you pics did not post, if you are having issues posting your pics I can help you with that.
Hi WH2, thanks for the note about the photos, just posted again and the pics seem to be posting ok now, thank you, Mike Savedow
(01-21-2022, 02:10 PM)CaptMichaelSavedow Wrote: Hi WH2, thanks for the note about the photos, just posted again and the pics seem to be posting ok now, thank you, Mike Savedow

Still does not appear to be working, here is the proceedure we use:

1. First you need to have your cursor below your typed post.
2. Right below where you type your post you will see, "Add image to post", click on that box.
3. A new box will open and you will see, "browse from your computer", click that and it should open up the pics in your device.
4. Click on the pic you want to add, then on the bottom you will see open, click that button.
5. A new box will open and the pic you selected will be in it, then just click on the "upload" button and your pic should appear in your post.

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