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Is there anyone from kansas on these boards.
Just want to know if there is any one from kansas on here. It would be nice to talk about fishing with someone from this part of the country.
Don't live there now but up untill about a year ago i lived there for 3 decades. I still go back and fish with my brother and friends. In fact I'll be heading that way in April. Great place for fishing alot better than lots of place's I've been to. Where i live now the biggest lake is only 5000 acre's. That's in the whole state. Where i lived in Kansas I had 7 lakes bigger than that within 70 miles of my house. Of course I have the ocean now. My favorite lakes were Melvern, Pomona, Clinton and Perry. Wolf creek was a great lake for big catches of Wiper and Walleye. Smallmouth fishing is also good there. So if you have question's about fishing the Topeka area maybe I can help. Enjoy Kansas it is a great place for fishing and hunting and not having to fight the crowds. I didn't realize how good i had it there untill i saw other part's of the country.
I've lived in southwest kansas all my life. I fish Clark State fishing lake and cedar bluff. Once in awhile I make it to Wilson and eldorado. Most lakes are just to far to drive for one day of fishing.
welcome to kansas city, thanks for checking in, It is always good to hear from the heartlands....

did ya know we have our own float tubing board?

hope you will take the time to register as a member. we would love to hear about your trips, (no we dont want to know where your hot spots are)
[url ";"][#0060bf][size 1]Float Tubing General[/size][/#0060bf][/url]
[size 1]Float Tubing Discusion. Everything you want to know about tubing. [/size]
[size 1][/size]
[size 1]You may want to concider joining as a member, its free, your information is not shared with any one and is not visible to any one....[/size]
[size 1][/size]
[size 1]these is a good bunch of guys on the tube board , the moderator realy knows his tubing....[Wink][/size]
Hey is good to see i'm not the only one in Kansas with a computer that fishes. I live in the south west corner so I can't realy help you out on any good spots. As for float tubing I've never tried it. May be one day i'll get one. I can't get out of the house to go fishing with out the boys so I'll stick to the baot and shore for now.

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