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Little sister site needs a hand, time sencitive
[url ""][#000020]Please Help me for the Shenandoah Natl Park[/#000020][/url]

our sister site has a time sencitive post for this park.

can some one here toss him a fish bone.

[font "Book Antiqua"][size 3]I have never been fishing out there, but let me ask a few people and research some what and then I'll post a reply here and on the fishing message boards.[/size][/font]
[font "Book Antiqua"][#000080][size 3]Thanks![/size][/#000080][/font]
[font "Book Antiqua"][#000080][size 3]Dre'[/size][/#000080][/font]
I moved this to the colorado board.

when you reply to this I will drop him a note where to find it..[Wink]

Thanks for anything you can do...
All I could find about this park is that it is in Washington, but Dre found it in another State so do you know what State he is looking for.
I was thinking blue ridge mountains of verginia or west verginia. that was going to be my first guess, but whe Dre said something I thought it might be in colorado, that would have been my second guess,

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