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Kayak Angler Magazine Available Everywhere!
[font "Verdana,Arial,Helvetica"][black][size 1][font "Verdana,Arial,Helvetica"][black][size 1] Hi Everyone,

We’ve been receiving hundreds of emails asking us where you can find Kayak Angler magazine. Pasted below is a press release with more information, including a link to retailers stocking the magazine.


Palmer Rapids, ON, June 27, 2007 – Adventure Kayak’s new kayak fishing special issue, Kayak Angler, is now available in 600 paddling and fishing shops across North America. Rapid Media shipped 60,000 copies to the top kayak fishing retailers to help these pro shops inform customers and spread the news about kayak fishing. Kayak Angler is also available on newsstands beside traditional fishing magazines, and can be ordered at

Kayak Angler is a full-colour, glossy kayak fishing magazine including the world’s most inclusive fishing kayak and gear buyer’s guide. It’s a magazine designed for both fishermen and paddlers who are coming together in the sport that is truly the best of both worlds. Features include: top kayak fishing hot spots; tournament news; pro tips for rigging, fishing and landing fish from kayaks; and essential paddling techniques. “Paddling magazines are only dabbling in kayak fishing and fishing magazines treat kayak fishing sort of like a circus act,” say Publisher Scott MacGregor. “With so many people hooked on the sport and so much good stuff to cover, it’s clear to us that kayak fishing deserves its own magazine.”

Although Kayak Angler has only been available for a few weeks, MacGregor says it is receiving a warm welcome among kayak anglers, the kayak fishing industry and is even making inroads into the real fishing world. “For the paddling companies it is tapping into a massive market of more than 100 million anglers. And for fishing companies like Shimano, kayak fishing is a brand new enthusiast group.” says MacGregor. “It’s been fun throwing down a copy Kayak Angler on kitchen tables; we’ve found that most paddlers are closet fishermen, and guys like my dad and his fishing buddies, are excited by the accessibility of kayak fishing and the size of fish being landed.”

“Kayak Angler is awesome!” says kayak fishing pioneer and guide Capt. Greg Bowdish. “I’m very impressed; it’s a huge step forward for the sport of kayaking. Any chance it will evolve into a semi-annual or monthly magazine?” So far the future of Kayak Angler in uncertain. “We’re already working on next year’s Kayak Angler, which is to say we’re fishing all the time,” jokes MacGregor. “We’re just not sure how many issues it will be. In the meantime we’ve created the Kayak Angler Fishing Club to keep our readers up to date for the rest of this year.” Members will receive Kayak Angler Fishing Club email newsletters throughout the year; membership is free.

Rapid Media has been the leader in paddlesports media and events since 1999. Rapid Media publishes Rapid, Adventure Kayak, Canoeroots & Family Camping, and Kayak Angler magazines, and produces a series of Canadian on-water paddling events and the Reel Paddling Film Festival. For more information, visit

Media Contacts
Russ Schroeder, (613) 635-7249 [/size][/black][/font][/size][/black][/font]
I just got a copy of the Angler Mag, and it is great. Actually added some validity to what I was doing here in Utah, and am glad to see that there are others out there with a "yak passion for fishing."

I am adding a cam corder mount to my kayak to get better video. The last trip I just about tipped the yak trying to run some white water with the video camera in one hand, paddle in the other.
This is old, but it looks like a great resource, that's still active!

Thanks for the share!

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