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is fishing in murrells inlet any better in march then february?
my dad and i have been fishing murrells inlet since early february and we still havent landed a redfish or winter trout. We have tried shrimp (not live though), cut mullet, live fiddler crabs, and artificial lures. we are frustrated because we can see the fish on the finder but no bites, any input??? please help.
Nice to see another Murrells Inlet angler on the boards.

When it comes to reds in Murrells Inlet, most of what you'll hear about being caught is around the rocks at the jetties. A very good spot is between the marker towers and the end point of the jetties. (either side) It's right around 25 feet deep there. The prefered rig is a simple carolina rig with a live mud minnow on the other end. Fish it on the bottom close to the rocks, and you may find yourself hooked up to a nice bull. I'm pretty sure the trout are not around here this time of year, atleast i've not heard of anything going on. I know a few flounder are caught every now and then, and the sheepshead can be caught along the rocks and/or paradise reef. This time of year is really "iffy" closer to shore. A buddy of mine runs a charter service out of Murrells Inlet and he starts running trips for Reds sometime in the month of March. So to answer your question, i'd definately say march is a better month.

Feel free to shoot me a PM or email me. My info is public. Maybe you guys can piggy back me to the reef sometime this season. I'll start fishing around the end of March to the begining of April. I'm looking for the water temp to get around 65 or so. I hope this helps you out!
hey man thanks for the reply and the good info. We are fixin to go monday in the inlet do you have any suggestions on what to fish for and what bait is better than most right now?
I hope i'm not to late, being it's monday and all.

If you can get your hands on some live mud minnows, i'd go with that. You might be able to drift the creeks for flounder, but I think your best bet will be around the jetties for spot tail. This should be a good day to fish around the rocks. A carolina rig with a 24" leader. If you've got the patients, you can get some fiddler crabs and try for sheepshead. Good luck!

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