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best place to catch largemouth bass
within 100 miles from los angeles
castaic, lake perris, blue dimond,silverwood, come to mind right off the top of my head.. the one in san digao is good as well just can't rember the name off hand..
I guess they mentioned a few. Let me give you my list of public and semi private

Castaic public
Casitas public
Piru public
Pyramid public
Quail Lake public
Lake Elizabeth public (CAP)
Bouquet Canyon Res Public
Santa Fe Dam Public
Puddingstone Public
Lake Silverwood #1 Public
Lake Elsinore Public
Aliso Viejo Public
Corona Public (pay to play) no license

Diamond Valley semi private (need reservations)
Calabasas Private (by invitation only)
Lindero Private (invitation only)
Silverwood Lake Private
Seminole Private
Malibu Lake Invitation only
Hollywood Lake At your own risk

Best advice: Stick with the public lakes.[cool]
north-south lakes in irvine california they r part of woodbrige association an r way under fished throw full night crawlers to destroy i caught 7 fish in under a hout yesterday
hope to see u out there
how is california i heard people were leaving in DROVES - i guess it depends where you live

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