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Taneycomo 5/10 and 5/11
Fishing was great for slot fish. I caught fish Saturday afternoon on a tan scud drifted under and indicator. The water was running pretty good from the dam and there were very few people there. I caught all of my fish near outlet two. I would cast and let the fly drift to where the outlet discharge and the water coming down from the dam met and I was on.

Sun there was no water running from the dam and the scud still produce for the first part of the morning. The fish then shut off the bite and large numbers of them gathered near and just below the outlet. I switched to a brown hares ear and the fish went nuts! I drifted it below the outlet under and indicator and went three for three at one point. Keep in mind I have only been doing this a few months so if you have some skill you can really clean house. Now I just have to find a keeper!
Hi and welcome to Bigfishtackle.

the member you have replyed to has not been around for some time,

Please take the opertunity to click on my link to register as a new member and then you can post any questions about fly fishing on... Link --> [url ";"][#000000][size 1]Fly Fishing & Fly Tying[/size][/#000000][/url]
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you will find an endless resource on fly fishing on that board...

Good Luck... and please let us know how you do after you have picked up a couple tricks from the pro's here....

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